best food for cockatiel

காக்டீலுக்கு சிறந்த உணவு

  1. pellets
  2. carrot and coriander sliced
  3. sun flower seeds
  4. colorful fruits (grape, tomato)
cockatiel pet
cockatiel pet



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Its no wonder to have parrot as companion in apartments because it doesn’t take much space and to fill the void in our stressful life with the little buddy.but always remember you should spend at least two hours a day to take of your bird or parrot.

Best Birds for apartment

  • Cockatiel
  • Budgies
  • Love bird


i love cockatiels because there are sweet and easy to tame,  you can always contact  me if you need cockatiels and cocktiel related details  fbpage .

cockatiel pet
cockatiel pet







cocktiel characteristics  as pet

  • Friendly bird
  • easy to train
  • great companion for apartments

Though they cannot talk like other big parrot, But they can whistle songs and be more responsive. cocktiel love attention from their owner and love petting.



Budgie are super cute parakeet which is best suited for apartments due to its size ,but budgies can be sometimes noisy. so consider that before owning one .It is advised to purchase budgie within 30 days of hatching because ones budgie grown its hard to hand tame.









Budgie characteristics  as pet.

  • less aggressive
  • love petting
  • hard to train tricks
  • frequently pooping.

3.Love Bird

love bird
love bird









love birds are better compactable in apartment area because they are small slightly bigger than budgies.


Love bird   characteristics  as pet.

  • friendly in nature
  • loved to be touched
  • frequently pooping



Out of all i personally prefer cockatiel because its screams less compared to the other two species.